KyleMuzz is the owner of StayFit Canada. Muzz has been in and out of jobs his whole life, always striving to find the best place for him and his personality. That place was his own. Muzz created this company in the aspect of a joke at the beginning and slowly developed it into a business. As of January 2015, it became an icon symbol in his own community, and other provinces in Canada.

Muzz enjoys being involved with the community by sponsoring local sport teams and events. Muzz doesn't believe in fame or changing who he is. He is thankful for all those who support him because having this goal combined with the suffering he went through as a child, gave him the perseverance to create his future success. Muzz is now a role model and mentor to many.


Muzz currently travels to Elementary, High Schools to talk about his past and the current state of bullying and the effect it had on him. Photos, not having a boss, videos, being on television all seems amazing but didn't come out of thin air. Muzz lets the future of today UNDERSTAND that one word can ruin someone's life forever but also can change someone's life forever.